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Do I have to quit smoking before surgery?

Our practice maintains a strict no-smoking policy for the benefit of our patients. All elective and cosmetic patients must stop smoking two months prior to surgery. Dr. Sood may in some instances elect not to perform your surgery if you have a smoking history.

How is the fee determined?

Cosmetic surgical costs are largely based on estimated length of surgery and the complexity of surgery. Fees may vary for different patients because each individual’s surgery has particular issues that may make the surgery or procedure more or less complex. Pre-surgical evaluation, including blood work, EKG, mammogram or chest x-ray, and a medical and/or anesthesia consultation may be required, at an additional cost for cosmetic surgery procedures.

Will there be fees to fix complications?

The surgery fee covers all follow-up visits within 90 days. You would be responsible for any expenses associated with the hospital, implants or materials or the services of an anesthesiologist or surgeon.

Where will my surgery be performed?

Dr. Sood operates at Eskenazi Hospital (in our private OR suite) and Riley Outpatient Center (ROC). . Please discuss your exact location preference at your consultation. Sometimes the location depends on the complexity and time of the procedure, as well as, if the procedure is combined with another surgeon. Cost is also a consideration.

Will my surgical date be guaranteed?

Emergencies may necessitate a change in the schedule, but Dr. Sood will make every effort to accommodate your schedule. Surgical dates cannot be guaranteed until the surgeon and patient have agreed on the specific surgical plan, and the office has set and collected all cosmetic fees, if indicated.

Who will assist me if I need help after the surgery?

Dr. Sood and his clinical team are committed to being available for all emergencies or questions following surgery. However, in the event Dr. Sood is unavailable, our qualified team will assist you.

What about risks and complications?

All surgeries, carry some associated risks and potential complications. Educational brochures or videos may help you understand these issues more clearly. Only procedures deemed safe, appropriate and beneficial for the patient are performed. In fact, there may be times when we are unable to provide service requested.

Will you take photographs of me prior to surgery?

Confidential preoperative and postoperative photographs are required of all patients. They are used for insurance purposes, to formulate a surgical plan, and to evaluate results. Only with your signed consent will we share photographs with patients who are considering a similar procedure or surgery.

Dr. Sood's primary goal is to provide excellent clinical results along with a high level of patient care and service. Patient satisfaction is our highest concern. We are dedicated to providing every patient with a pleasant experience, beginning with the first visit and continuing on through surgical procedures and treatments and postoperative care. We encourage patients to evaluate the benefits as well as the risks of each procedure within the confines of realistic expectations.