Breast Reconstruction: DIEP

Perforator flaps represent the newest advance in breast reconstruction. These flaps are based on a single blood vessel and do not require removal of a muscle to supply the skin and fat. Microsurgical techniques are required to connect the very small blood vessels of the flap to blood vessels in the axilla or usually ribs. This technique usually takes longer than other techniques. Any woman who is a candidate for tissue reconstruction is a candidate for perforator flap reconstruction.  In general, any woman who will require radiation should probably wait at least 6 months following radiation to optimize the cosmetic results. The big drawback of this type of reconstruction is that the results are an all or none phenomenon. The breast reconstruction may fail in 2-5% of all patients due to a variety of reasons including the fragility of the anastamoses which may need to be redone in 20% if all cases. Total loss of the reconstruction may occur in up to 5% of all reconstructions. Potential donor sites for perforator flap breast reconstruction include the abdomen (DIEP), the lower abdomen (SIEA), the superior buttock (SGAP), the inferior buttock (IGAP), and the lateral thigh (ALT.)

Best Candidate: excess tissue abdomen
Anesthesia: general
Length: 6-8 hours
Hospital Stay: 3-5 days
Return to Work: 4 weeks
Strenuous Activity: 6 weeks or longer
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