Breast Reconstruction: Immediate Implant Alloderm

Immediate one stage implant reconstruction is now possible for selected patients. The IUSCC breast cancer reconstruction team is one of the few centers in the United States offering this type of reconstruction. A permanent implant (preferably silicone) is place under the pectoralis muscle and a piece of Alloderm sewn to the pectoralis to provide complete coverage of the implant. This type of reconstruction is better for non smoking patients who are medium to large breasted prior to mastectomy and prefer to end up with a slightly smaller breast post-operatively. As our experience has grown with this technique, our results have improved; however, it is sometimes difficult to obtain a perfect appearing result with one operation. A second outpatient procedure is also required for nipple reconstruction and to revise the shape of the breast if needed.

Best Candidate: immediate reconstruction; large breast going smaller
Anesthesia: general
Length: 2 hours
Hospital Stay: 1-2 days
Return to Work: 2-3 weeks
Strenuous Activity: 4-6 weeks
Frequently Asked Questions about Immediate Implant with Alloderm/Autoderm
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