Breast Reconstruction: Tram

Creation of the breast with a flap of lower abdominal skin and fat with muscle (rectus abdominus). Allows surgeon to restore a woman’s breast with her own tissue, and at the same time, give her a slimmer abdomen. TRAM breast reconstruction is major surgery and takes approximately 3-4 hours in the operating room. Usually a hospital stay of 3-4 days is required. Using this reconstruction method, the surgeon designs a tranverse flap of skin and fat on the middle to lower abdomen. The tissue for the new breast is surgically freed from the abdomen but left attached to the vertical abdominal wall muscle (the rectus abdominins.) The abdomen is closed by bringing the remaining muscles together to restore abdominal wall strength. Surgical mesh or Alloderm (cadaver skin dermis) are used to reinforce the abdominal wall. The flap is then elevated and transferred to the chest wall area. This flap when combined with a skin sparing mastectomy provides the ideal shape and feel of a woman's breast. The donor scar extends along the lower abdomen between the pubic area and umbilicus. Surgical drains are placed along both the abdominal and breast incisions.

Best Candidate: excess tissue abdomen
Anesthesia: general
Length: 4 hours
Hospital Stay: 3-5 days
Return to Work: 4 weeks
Strenuous Activity: 6 weeks or longer
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