Face: Facials

There’s nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating for both your spirit and your skin than a facial. Facials remove dead skin cells and clean deeply, resulting in a healthy glow and softer skin. Facials are known to slow down the aging process, purify skin, and rejuvenate the cells within. In addition to those benefits, there are many more when it comes to facial treatments before and/or after a facial surgery such as a facelift, dermabrasion, or laser treatment. In a pre-op situation, it prepares the skin for facial surgery. Usually recommended at least four weeks in advance, it will encourage elasticity and blood circulation that can help promote the healing process. In a post-op situation, it reduces swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the tissue surrounding your incisions. The massage portion of the facial will also help toxins exit the constricted area.

We offer a variety of facials to meet your needs, including special treatments for backs, chests and eyes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Facials

Dr. Sood's primary goal is to provide excellent clinical results along with a high level of patient care and service. Patient satisfaction is our highest concern. We are dedicated to providing every patient with a pleasant experience, beginning with the first visit and continuing on through surgical procedures and treatments and postoperative care. We encourage patients to evaluate the benefits as well as the risks of each procedure within the confines of realistic expectations.